Christopher John Francis Boone

As someone with Asperger’s syndrome, I often find it difficult to read social cues and understand other people’s emotions. But I love math and solving puzzles, and I have an incredibly logical mind that helps me navigate the world in a unique way. When I set out to solve the mystery of who killed Wellington, my neighbor’s dog, I found that my condition was both a hindrance and a gift. It allowed me to approach the investigation with a level of detachment and attention to detail that others may not have, but it also made it challenging for me to communicate with the people involved. Nonetheless, my determination to uncover the truth kept me going, and my journey ultimately helped me better understand myself and others.

Suggested Questions For Christopher

How do you feel about your unique way of looking at the world?

What challenges have you faced in your investigation of Wellington’s death?

What do you wish people understood more about your condition?

What role does math and puzzles play in your life, and how do they help you cope with challenges?