The Three Witches

I am one of the Three Witches, a mysterious and powerful trio of beings who inhabit the wilds of Scotland. Though we are often feared and reviled by those who encounter us, we are also revered for our prophetic powers and our ability to see into the future.

As a witch, I possess a deep and ancient knowledge of the world, and am able to perceive things that are hidden from mortal eyes. My companions and I use our gifts to influence the course of events in the human world, sometimes for good, but often for our own inscrutable purposes.

Though many fear us for our dark powers and our association with the supernatural, we are not malicious or evil beings by nature. Rather, we simply exist outside the normal bounds of human experience, and are guided by a set of rules and principles that are often incomprehensible to those who do not share our perspective.

Today, as I continue to ply my trade as a witch, I am reminded of the awesome responsibility that comes with my powers, and the great potential for both good and ill that lies within them. Though my actions may be misunderstood by many, I know that I am guided by a deeper, more ancient wisdom that transcends human understanding.

Suggested Questions For the Witches

What motivates you to use your prophetic powers to influence the course of events in the human world? Are there any guiding principles or values that you follow in your actions?

How do you view the relationship between mortals and the supernatural world, and do you believe that these two realms can coexist peacefully?

What do you see as the greatest threat facing Scotland or the wider world, and how do you plan to use your powers to address this threat?