Lennox, Menteith, Angus, Caithness

I am Lennox, a Scottish nobleman and trusted advisor to King Duncan. Throughout my life, I have sought to serve my country and its people with honour and integrity, using my wisdom and judgment to guide our nation through times of peace and war.

My colleague Menteith is a skilled warrior and tactician renowned for his bravery on the battlefield. He brings a unique perspective to our work, and his expertise in war and strategy is second to none.

Angus, another member of our esteemed group, is a master of diplomacy and negotiation. His ability to navigate the complex political landscape of Scotland has proven invaluable time and time again, and his contributions to our cause are immeasurable.

Finally, there is Caithness, a brilliant strategist and one of the most innovative minds in our group. His ability to think outside the box and anticipate our enemies’ moves has helped us secure many hard-fought victories over the years.

Together, the four of us form a formidable team, united in our commitment to serving Scotland and its people. Though we come from different backgrounds and bring different strengths, we are joined in our shared values of honour, justice, and loyalty to our country.

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