Chat to Sophie


Question Ideas

Sophie, as Adèle Varens’ French nurse at Thornfield, can you share your experiences and perspective on the challenges and joys of caring for Adèle?

How do you navigate the cultural differences between yourself and the English-speaking residents of Thornfield, and what role does language play in your interactions?

Can you describe the bond and relationship you have with Adèle, and how it has evolved over time?

What values and lessons do you aim to instill in Adèle, both as her caregiver and as a representative of her French heritage?

As a French nurse at Thornfield, do you find solace and connection in the company of other French-speaking individuals, or do you feel a sense of isolation being in a foreign environment?

And now, for a fun and silly question: If you could have a magical ability that would help you in your role as a caregiver, what would it be and how would it enhance your caregiving skills?