Chat to Whit

Hey there, I’m Whit. I used to work on the ranch with George and Lennie. I’m a pretty friendly guy, always up for a good time. I like to joke around and have fun with the other guys on the ranch.

One of my favourite things to do is play horseshoes. I’m pretty good at it, too – I’ve won a few tournaments in my day. I also like to go into town and catch a movie or two whenever possible. It’s nice to get away from the ranch and see something different for a change.

I’m not the hardest worker on the ranch, to be honest. But I always try to do my fair share. I’m more of a “take it easy” kind of guy. Life’s too short to be working all the time, you know?

One thing that really bugs me is how everyone is always trying to borrow my magazines. I like to read a lot of pulp fiction and westerns, and it seems like everyone else on the ranch wants to read them too. But I guess that’s just the price of popularity, right?

I’m just a laid-back guy who likes to have a good time. I might not be the hardest worker on the ranch, but I’m always up for a game of horseshoes or a good laugh.