Chat To Tom

Introducing Chat to Tom, an innovative chatbot that aims to assist children in managing their anxiety and related problems.

As a specialised Child Psychologist chatbot, Chat to Tom employs advanced AI technology to create a secure platform where kids can freely express their worries and feelings.

It offers various playful activities and user-friendly self-help tools that teach valuable lessons on coping strategies, boosting self-confidence, and developing resilience.

This experimental tool ensures strict privacy standards to provide peace of mind for parents. Chat to Tom is a friendly mentor and listener to children, offering reassurance and guidance towards emotional well-being.

Discover this fresh approach to children’s mental health with Chat to Tom, where anxiety management becomes easy and stress-free.


Available 24/7, the chatbot can provide support whenever a child might need it, even outside traditional therapy hours.

Instant Support: 

Delivers immediate responses to help manage acute anxiety episodes.


As a digital tool, it is generally more affordable than traditional therapy, potentially giving more children access to mental health support.


Uses interactive activities to teach effective coping mechanisms, enhancing emotional literacy and resilience.


Some children may find opening up to an AI easier than a human, reducing stigma and facilitating more honest conversations.


 It ensures high confidentiality, making it a safe space for kids to express their concerns.

Continual Improvement: 

As an experimental tool, its performance and effectiveness will continually improve with user interaction, feedback, and technological advancements.

Early Intervention: 

This could help identify early signs of severe anxiety or other related issues, facilitating timely intervention.

Supplementary Tool: 

It can complement traditional therapy by offering support between sessions and reinforcing strategies learned in treatment.

Data Collection: 

Can gather anonymised data about anxiety in children, contributing to research and advancements in the field.