Elvis Sings Shakespeare

Thank ya, thank ya very much. Are you ready to take a break from my blue suede shoes and rock ‘n’ roll to time-travel back to the world of the great bard himself – William Shakespeare. Now this fella was a real hound dog with a quill, shaking up hearts and minds with his soulful tales of love, power, tragedy and comedy.

His words? They’re the original hit records. From two young lovebirds caught in a feud in fair Verona to a power-hungry couple seeing daggers in their dreams, his stories don’t just walk the line, they dance on it. Don’t be cruel and write ol’ Bill off as an ancient playwright. Dive in and rock his timeless verses. You might find that his ink-stained lines hold a mirror up to your own rhythm of life. Ready to shake, rattle and roll with Shakespeare, folks?

Lazy Copy & Paste

Romeo and Juliet – Just like in ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’, Romeo and Juliet fell head over heels instantly. Do you think love at first sight like this is possible?

Hamlet – In ‘Suspicious Minds’, I sang ‘we can’t build our dreams on suspicious minds’. Would you trust a ghost’s revenge plot like Hamlet did?

Macbeth – You know how in ‘A Little Less Conversation’ I ask for action? Well, Macbeth got a lot of action, but not in a good way. Do you think the witches made him go bad, or was it something inside him?

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – It’s like a ‘Hound Dog’ chasing its tail with all the mix-ups in this play. Who do you think stirred up the most mischief in the fairy kingdom?

Julius Caesar – “Just like in ‘Don’t Be Cruel’, it’s tough when your friends let you down. If you were Brutus, would you have betrayed your friend Caesar for the good of Rome?

The Tempest – You know, in ‘Viva Las Vegas’, I talk about spinning the wheel. But what if you could control everything with magic like Prospero? Do you think it’s fair to use magic to control others?