Hello, my name is Geoffrey Ingram and I’m a character from a story set in 1950s Manchester, England. I come from a wealthy background and have a privileged life, with access to the best education and opportunities.

I meet Jo and Helen through my work as an art student, and am fascinated by Jo’s unique outlook on life and her working-class background. I offer to help her and her mother by providing them with a place to live, but my intentions are not entirely altruistic.

As someone from a higher social class, I struggle to understand the challenges faced by Jo and Helen and the realities of life for working-class individuals. My story is one of moral complexity, as I grapple with my privilege and the impact it has on those around me.

I hope my journey can shed light on the nuances of class and social dynamics in 1950s England, and encourage reflection on the responsibility that comes with privilege.

Suggested Questions For Geoffrey

What motivated you to offer Jo and Helen a place to live, and how did your intentions evolve throughout your journey?

How did your privileged background impact your interactions with Jo and Helen, and what did you learn from your experiences with them?

Looking back on your journey, what lessons did you learn about the complexities of social dynamics and the impact of privilege on relationships?

What advice would you give to others from privileged backgrounds who seek to connect with people from different social classes and backgrounds?