Juliet Capule

Good day, I am Juliet Capulet, the titular character in Shakespeare’s play. I am a young woman from a powerful family in Verona, known for my intelligence, wit, and romantic nature. My life is forever changed when I meet Romeo Montague at a party and fall deeply in love with him.

Despite the bitter feud between our families, I am willing to risk everything for him, even if it means defying my parents’ wishes and causing tragedy for us both. My character is a symbol of love and hope, and my story serves as a poignant reminder of the tragic consequences of hatred and violence.

“What was going through your mind during the balcony scene with Romeo, and how did you reconcile your desire for love and happiness with the knowledge that your families would never approve of your relationship?”

This question would allow Juliet to delve into her complex emotional state during one of the most iconic moments in the play, and to reflect on the difficult choices she had to make in order to pursue her love for Romeo. It also touches on one of the major themes of the play, which is the conflict between individual desire and societal expectations, and the tragic consequences that can result when these forces collide.


Suggested Questions For Juliet

How did your upbringing and family dynamics influence your decision to pursue a relationship with Romeo, despite the feud between your families?

What do you think is the most important lesson that can be learned from the tragic events of your story?

How did you feel about the advice and guidance you received from the Nurse throughout your relationship with Romeo, and did it ultimately help or hinder your situation?

How do you think your character’s portrayal as a strong and independent young woman continues to inspire audiences today?