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Suggested Body Holiday Questions

Have there been any renovations or upgrades since my last visit?

Are there any new facilities or activities introduced recently?

Are there any loyalty discounts or offers for returning guests?

Can I book the same room or suite I stayed in during my last visit?

Have there been any changes to the wellness and spa treatments menu?

Are my favourite fitness classes or activities still available?

Have you introduced any new dining options or revamped the menus?

COVID-19 & Health Protocols Questions

Given the ongoing health concerns, have there been updates to your COVID-19 policies or health protocols?

Are there any travel advisories or requirements for St. Lucia I should be aware of since my last visit?

Special Requests & Services Questions

I had a special arrangement last time; can it be replicated during this visit?

Are private dining options still available? Have there been any changes to them?

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