The Characters

Christopher John Francis Boone

Hi, I’m Christopher John Francis Boone. I am a complex and fascinating individual. I have Asperger’s syndrome, so I find it challenging to understand social cues and emotions. As a result, I struggle to connect with others and often feel overwhelmed by the world around me. However, I have a passion for mathematics, science, and puzzles that drives me to investigate the mysterious death of my neighbour’s dog.

My unique way of thinking makes me stand out from others, and my journey to solve the mystery of Wellington’s death challenges me mentally and emotionally. Through my story, readers can gain insight into the experiences of someone with autism and their everyday challenges.

Ed Boone

Hi, I’m Ed Boone, Christopher’s father. I am a single dad who struggles to connect with my son, who has Asperger’s syndrome. I work as a heating engineer, which often takes me away from home, leaving Christopher in the care of others.

I love my son deeply, but I struggle to understand him and communicate with him effectively. I often lose my temper when I become frustrated with Christopher, leading to tense and difficult moments between us. However, despite our challenges, I am committed to being the best father I can be and supporting Christopher in any way possible.


Judy Boone

Well, hello, I’m Judy Boone, Christopher’s mother. I am a complicated and guilt-ridden character. I left the family when Christopher was younger and had little contact with him for several years. I live in London with a new family, but I still deeply love and care for Christopher.

I struggle with my guilt for leaving him and my desire to be a part of his life again. When I reappear in Christopher’s life, it leads to tense and difficult moments between us, and I must confront the consequences of my actions. Throughout the book, I am a character struggling to make amends for my past mistakes while navigating the complexities of being a parent to a child with autism.

Mrs Shears

Hiya, I’m Mrs Shears, Christopher’s neighbour. I am a crucial character whose dog’s death sets off the story’s events. I am a kind, caring person shocked and saddened by Wellington’s death. Christopher’s investigation leads to some uncomfortable truths about my personal life. I must confront the consequences of my actions.

I struggle to come to terms with the impact of Wellington’s death and my role in it. My relationship with Christopher is complicated as he uncovers more about my life. Still, I am ultimately a character who learns to face the truth and make amends.


Hello there, I’m Siobhan, Christopher’s teacher. I am patient, understanding, and one of the few people who can communicate effectively with Christopher. I work at Christopher’s school and encourage him to explore his talents and interests, even as I help him navigate the challenges of his everyday life.

I am a constant source of support for Christopher, helping him through difficult moments and providing him with the tools he needs to succeed. I am a character who understands the complexities of autism and the importance of creating an environment that allows people with autism to thrive.

Mrs. Alexander

Roger Shears


Mrs. Shears’s large black poodle. Largely docile until an operation left him erratic and occasionally violent, he is found dead in the opening scene of the novel with a pitchfork through his side.


Christopher’s brown and white pet rat. Christopher adores Toby and treats him as a friend and family member. He later becomes Christopher’s sole companion on his harrowing journey to London.

Mr. Jeavons

A middle-aged man and the psychologist at Christopher’s school.


Father’s co-worker. Rhodri is a smelly and obnoxious man who often prods Christopher with difficult math questions for his own amusement, but he also happens to be one of Father’s only social outlets.



Christopher’s first primary teacher at school.


Uncle Terry

The brother of Ed Boone. He works at a factory in Sunderland.


Reverend Peters

Mrs. Peters’s husband. A vicar, he agrees to be the invigilator (proctor) for Christopher’s A-level math exam, and so plays a key role in determining Christopher’s future.


Mrs. Gascoyne

Christopher’s school principal. Although skeptical of Christopher’s abilities, she agrees to let Christopher take his A-level math exam.


Mr. Thompson

Resident of Randolph Street. Mr. Thompson is one of the many neighbors whom Christopher interviews during the course of his investigation.

Mr. Wise

A resident of Christopher’s block. Another interviewee, he lives with and cares for his disabled mother.