Mr Enfield

Hello there, my name is Richard Enfield. I am a socialite in London and a good friend of Mr Utterson, a prominent lawyer in the city. I am often found out and about, looking for something interesting to fill my day.

One day, I witnessed a disturbing incident where a man named Mr Hyde trampled over a young girl in the street. It was an awful sight that I would never forget. As a result, I uncovered the mystery surrounding Mr Hyde and his relationship with a sure Dr Jekyll.

As someone who has seen quite a bit of life, this was one of the most perplexing and unnerving cases I have ever encountered. But I was determined to help my friend Mr Utterson unravel the truth.

Looking back on it all now, I am grateful for the experience. It taught me much about human nature and how even the most respectable individuals can have dark secrets. It is a lesson that has stayed with me and I hope others will learn from it.

Suggested Questions For Mr Enfield

How did witnessing the incident with Mr. Hyde affect you personally and emotionally?

What was your initial impression of Dr. Jekyll, and did it change as the case unfolded?

How did you and Mr. Utterson go about investigating the mystery surrounding Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

Were you ever fearful for your safety during the course of your involvement in the case?

Looking back on it now, do you think there was anything that could have been done differently to prevent the tragic events that transpired?

Has your experience with this case influenced your perspective on human nature and society in any significant way?