Mr Guest

Hello, my name is Mr Guest, and I am a close friend and confidante of Dr Henry Jekyll. I first met Dr Jekyll years ago when we were both studying medicine at university, and since then, we have remained close associates. Over the years, I have come to know Dr Jekyll as a kind and brilliant man, but in recent months, I have noticed a troubling change in him.

Dr Jekyll has become increasingly reclusive and secretive, and I have heard rumours that he has been experimenting with dangerous new drugs. Despite my concerns, Dr Jekyll has refused to confide in me about his experiments, and I fear that he may be putting himself and others in grave danger.

Recently, I have been asked by the authorities to assist in an investigation into a series of brutal crimes that have been linked to a mysterious figure known as Mr Hyde. Although Dr Jekyll has assured me that he has nothing to do with these crimes, I wonder if there may be some connection between his experiments and this terrifying and elusive figure.

As Dr Jekyll’s friend and confidante, I am deeply concerned for his safety and well-being. I am determined to uncover the truth about his experiments and their possible connection to Mr Hyde.

Suggested Questions For Mr Guest

What is your profession, and how does it relate to your involvement with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

Can you describe your role in the investigation of Mr. Hyde’s crimes?

How do you gather information and evidence in the course of your investigations?

Have you ever been in danger while investigating Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’s activities?

How do you balance your loyalty to Dr. Jekyll as a friend with your duty to uncover the truth about his experiments and their possible connection to Mr. Hyde’s crimes?

What steps do you take to ensure your safety while investigating dangerous individuals like Mr. Hyde?