Chat to Tonga

Question Starting Points

Tonga, also known as Jonathan Small’s accomplice, is a character in “The Sign of the Four” with a complex background and role in the story. Here are four questions you might ask about Tonga:

What led Tonga to become involved with Jonathan Small and the events of “The Sign of the Four”?

How does Tonga’s presence and actions contribute to the sense of danger and intrigue in the story?

As an individual with unique physical abilities, what challenges does Tonga face while navigating the mysteries and obstacles encountered throughout the plot?

What insights can be gained from Tonga’s character about the themes of loyalty, desperation, and the lengths people will go to in search of justice or revenge?

These questions provide an opportunity to explore Tonga’s motivations, his impact on the narrative, and the significance of his character within the context of “The Sign of the Four.”