Chat to
Wiggins and the
Baker Street Irregulars

Question Starting Points

Wiggins, as the leader of the Baker Street Irregulars, what led you and your group to collaborate with Sherlock Holmes on various investigations, including “The Sign of Four”?

How do the unique skills and backgrounds of the Baker Street Irregulars contribute to your success in gathering information and assisting Holmes in solving cases?

What challenges have you and the Irregulars faced while navigating the dangerous streets of London and infiltrating various neighborhoods in pursuit of crucial clues?

In “The Sign of Four,” how did your relationship with Sherlock Holmes and your fellow Irregulars evolve, and how did this impact your effectiveness in aiding Holmes?

These questions allow Wiggins and the Baker Street Irregulars to share their insights on their collaborative work with Sherlock Holmes, their experiences as street urchins in London, and their contributions to the investigations throughout “The Sign of Four.”