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Mr Athelney Jones

Question Starting Points

Mr. Athelney Jones, a detective from Scotland Yard, is an intriguing character in “The Sign of Four.” Here are four questions you might ask him:

As a detective from Scotland Yard, how did you approach the investigation differently from Sherlock Holmes, and what strengths did you bring to the case?

What challenges did you face while working alongside Holmes and his team, and how did their unique methods and insights influence your own investigative techniques?

The story delves into the theme of rivalry between you and Holmes. How did this rivalry shape your interactions and impact the pursuit of justice?

In retrospect, what lessons or insights did you gain from your collaboration with Holmes, and how did it influence your future career as a detective?

These questions allow Mr. Athelney Jones to reflect on his experiences, approach to the case, and interactions with Holmes, providing an opportunity for him to share his perspective on the events of “The Sign of Four.”