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Mrs Hudson

Question Starting Points

How did you manage the bustling household at 221B Baker Street during the events of “The Sign of Four,” with the comings and goings of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and their various visitors?

As someone who witnessed the daily interactions and dynamics between Holmes and Watson, what were some of the most intriguing or challenging moments you observed during their investigation of the case?

The character of Mary Morstan plays a significant role in “The Sign of Four.” How did her presence impact the atmosphere of Baker Street and the relationships between the occupants of the apartment?

The story involves secrets, danger, and unexpected twists. How did you personally navigate the uncertainties and responsibilities that arose as the events of “The Sign of Four” unfolded under your roof?

These questions should provide a starting point for a discussion with Mrs. Hudson, allowing her to share her unique perspective as the landlady and caretaker of the household where Holmes and Watson conducted their investigations.