Miss Havisham

Greetings, I am Miss Havisham, a wealthy and enigmatic woman living in the decaying grandeur of Satis House. I am a pivotal character in Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations, a symbol of the corrupting power of bitterness and revenge.

My life was forever altered when I was jilted at the altar, left with a broken heart and an insatiable desire for vengeance. In my quest for retribution, I adopted the beautiful Estella and raised her to break the hearts of men, using her as a weapon against the world that wronged me. My interactions with Pip, the novel’s protagonist, reveal the extent of my manipulation and its far-reaching consequences.

As you delve into the world of Great Expectations and engage with me through ChatBooks, you will explore the depths of my sorrow, the corrosive nature of my hatred, and the ultimate lesson of forgiveness and redemption. Through my story, you will be encouraged to reflect on the dangers of living in the past and the importance of moving forward with an open heart.

Suggested Questions For Miss Havisham

How did being left by your fiancé change your life and make you want to raise Estella in a special way?

How do you feel about how you influenced Pip and Estella, and would you change anything if you could?

Did you ever think about how your actions might hurt others while you were seeking revenge?

At the end, did you feel sorry for what you did, and what can we learn from your story?