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Why It’s a Must-Have Teaching Tool


AI-Powered Lesson Plans:

Customise your lessons with AI assistance. Plan your classes around character dialogues, plot twists, and thematic explorations.

Rich Interactive Experiences:

Allow students to engage in meaningful dialogues with over 100 unique Shakespearean characters across 9 iconic plays.

High-Quality Graphics:

Elevate the learning experience with vivid and character-specific graphics to aid visual learning.

Ready-to-Use Chatbot Prompts:

Fuel spontaneous and intellectually stimulating classroom discussions.

In-Depth Text Descriptions:

Offer a rich contextual background for each play and character, giving students the tools they need for comprehensive understanding.

Seamless Implementation: All these incredible features come in an easy-to-implement package that you can integrate directly into your school’s website.

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Considering an Upgrade?

If you love the free package and want to integrate it seamlessly into your school’s website, our complete installation package offers even more fantastic features!  

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