ChatBooks Ai for Teachers:

A Comprehensive
Step-by-Step Guide

Setting the Stage

    • Interactive whiteboard
    • Access ChatBooks Ai via your device, connected to the interactive whiteboard
    • Students!

Navigating the Interface

Left Column: Subject

    • Character image & name
    • Presents the character you’ll be interacting with, e.g., Romeo from “Romeo and Juliet.”
    • Helpful Tips: Think of these as quick cheat sheets or suggested talking points to launch the conversation.

Right Column: Where the Magic Happens

    • Input Area: This is where you or your students will type in questions.
    • Output Area: Responses from the character appear here.

Preconditioning: Prepping for Success

Lesson Plan Integration:

Before the lesson, fit ChatBooks Ai into your existing lesson plan. This will provide structure for your interactive session.

Sample Lesson Plan Details:
Subject: English Literature, Shakespeare
Age Group: Year 6 high-level learners
Learning Objectives: To understand Act 3, Scene 1 of “Romeo and Juliet”

Parameter Setting:

Input parameters such as the age group and specific objectives into the chat interface. This helps tailor the Ai’s responses.

Example: Objective: Understanding the thematic significance of Act 3 in ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ Focus on language and context for an 11+ exam-style question.

Objective-Based Learning Goals

All Learners: Will understand how to identify critical quotes in the text.
Many Learners: Should be able to incorporate the context of the play in their answers.
Most Able Learners: Could add a philosophical layer to their responses.

Launching the Chat

If you need help with what to ask the character, simply ask for suggestions.
For example, “Romeo, what questions can help my students understand Act 3 better?

Adjusting Language

Depending on your student’s needs, you can ask the Ai to simplify or complicate the text. For example, “Romeo, can you rephrase that in simpler terms?”

Assessment & Feedback

Student Interaction: Have different students ask questions and share answers to assess engagement and understanding.

Post-Lesson Review: Discuss with students what they learned and what they found challenging. This can help you make adjustments for future lessons.

Further Assistance?

If any part of this seems challenging or you’d like to explore more advanced features, please feel free to contact us for an online consultation tailored to your educational setting.


 Feel free to adjust the guide to better suit your classroom needs. The aim is to maximize the educational potential of ChatBooks Ai for your students.