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The Characters

Henry V

By William Shakespeare.

Thought to have been written around 1599.

King Henry V

I am King Henry V, a charismatic and resolute leader. With the weight of the crown upon my shoulders, I strive to prove my worth and secure the glory of England. Through powerful speeches and unwavering determination, I rally my troops, inspiring them to fight with unwavering loyalty. I am driven by a sense of duty, honour, and a burning desire to unite my kingdom.

Duke of Exeter

I am the Duke of Exeter, a loyal and wise advisor to King Henry. With my commanding presence, I offer guidance in times of turmoil, drawing upon my experience to navigate the complexities of war and diplomacy. My loyalty to the crown is unwavering, and I play a crucial role in shaping the strategies and decisions that lead to victory.

Duke of Gloucester

As the Duke of Gloucester, I am a brave and fiercely loyal nobleman. Ready to defend my king and country, I bring both physical strength and martial prowess to the battlefield. My unwavering dedication and courage inspire those around me as I embody the ideals of loyalty, honour, and duty.

Duke of Bedford

I am the Duke of Bedford, a level-headed and diplomatic leader. With my keen understanding of military strategy, I bring stability and wisdom to the English forces. In times of uncertainty, I play a crucial role in planning and executing campaigns, ensuring the success of our endeavours.

Duke of Clarence

As the Duke of Clarence, I am an eager and impulsive warrior. Driven by a desire to prove myself in battle, I possess both courage and determination. Though my youthful enthusiasm sometimes leads me astray, I remain a valuable asset to the English cause, bringing a sense of adventure and passion to the battlefield.

Duke of York

I am the Duke of York, a steadfast and honourable nobleman dedicated to the English crown. Through my loyalty and unwavering support for King Henry, I provide guidance and wisdom when needed. I am a pillar of strength, both in times of war and during the challenges of leadership, embodying the ideals of duty and honour.

Archbishop of Canterbury

As the Archbishop of Canterbury, I am a wise and persuasive figure. Deeply committed to the religious and political welfare of England, I use my influence and intellect to guide King Henry in his decisions, particularly regarding the claim to the French throne. My wisdom and insight shape the course of our actions, ensuring righteousness and divine blessing.

Bishop of Ely

I am the Bishop of Ely, a prudent and diplomatic clergyman. Supportive of the king’s endeavours, I act as a voice of reason and provide guidance in matters of faith and state. My presence brings stability and insight to the discussions and decisions that shape the destiny of our kingdom.

Earl of Westmorland

I am the Earl of Westmorland, a reliable and loyal military leader. Known for my strategic thinking and unwavering commitment to the English cause, I command respect and admiration. I bring order and discipline to the troops, ensuring their readiness for battle and leading them to victory.

Earl of Salisbury

As the Earl of Salisbury, I am brave, valiant, and committed to the English crown. I bring my noble bearing and unwavering dedication to the cause, fighting alongside my comrades with valor and resilience.

Earl of Warwick

I am the Earl of Warwick, resolute, tactful, and skilled in diplomacy. With my commanding presence and strategic mind, I navigate the intricate web of politics and warfare. I bring stability and wisdom to the English forces, ensuring the success of our campaigns.

Earl of Cambridge

I am the Earl of Cambridge, opportunistic and treacherous. Motivated by personal gain, I weave webs of conspiracy against King Henry. Despite my deceitful nature, I possess cunning and resourcefulness that serve my ambitions.

Lord Scroop

I am Lord Scroop, deceptive, disloyal, and a conspirator against King Henry. Driven by self-interest, I conspire to undermine the crown. However, my actions come with the weight of guilt and the consequences that accompany treachery.


Sir Thomas Grey

I am Sir Thomas Grey, loyal, brave, and dedicated to the English cause. I fight alongside my fellow soldiers with unwavering loyalty, displaying courage and honour on the battlefield.

Sir Thomas Erpingham

I am Sir Thomas Erpingham, strong and disciplined. Respected by my troops, I provide leadership and guidance with unwavering integrity. My commanding presence instills confidence and inspires those around me.

Captain Fluellen

I am Captain Fluellen, a proud Welshman, disciplined, and adhering strictly to military codes. I bring order and structure to the chaos of war, upholding traditions and expectations of valor.

Captain Gower

As Captain Gower, I am loyal, practical, and steadfast in my duty. With my military expertise and reliable nature, I serve as a reliable officer, ensuring discipline and order within the ranks.

Captain MacMorris

I am Captain MacMorris, sturdy and fierce. Proud of my Scottish heritage, I fight with passion and determination, fiercely defending my comrades and the cause.

Captain Jamy

I am Captain Jamy, courageous and skilled in combat. Proud of my Scottish background, I bring agility and expertise to the battlefield, fighting with unwavering bravery.


I am Nym, a soldier and former companion of Falstaff. Though not towering in stature, my loyalty burns fiercely within. I am practical and driven by self-preservation, yet a glimmer of conscience reminds me of the bonds we once shared.


I am Bardolph, a loyal and valiant soldier. Stout and stocky, I bring a sense of strength and unwavering loyalty to the ranks. Though known for my fiery temper, I fight with bravery and protect those dear to me. My commitment to my comrades is unyielding, and I stand alongside them with fierce determination. Though the chaos of war may test our spirits, I remain steadfast, ready to face any challenge that comes our way. With my stout heart and steadfast presence, I prove myself a reliable and devoted companion in the trials and triumphs of our journey.


I am Pistol, a flamboyant and boisterous soldier. With a larger-than-life personality, I bring a sense of energy and color to the battlefield. Known for my exaggerated tales and bravado, I am fiercely loyal to my comrades and the cause. Though sometimes prone to mischief, my fighting spirit burns bright, and I fearlessly charge into battle. With a quick wit and a knack for stirring up a lively atmosphere, I bring levity to the darkest moments. Underneath my bombastic exterior lies a true warrior, ready to defend my fellow soldiers and prove my mettle in the face of adversity.


Boy (Servant to Falstaff)

I am the Boy, a young and impressionable servant to Sir John Falstaff. In the chaos of war, I grow and learn, witnessing the trials and tribulations that shape the path to maturity and understanding.

Montjoy (French Herald)

I am Montjoy, a French Herald. Diplomatic and eloquent, I represent the French crown, delivering messages and negotiating in times of conflict.

King of France

I am the King of France, a calculating and strategic ruler. Determined to defend my kingdom, I faced the challenge of confronting the ambitious King Henry V of England. With a keen understanding of politics and war, I strive to protect my realm and secure the interests of France. 

Queen Isabel of France

I am Queen Isabel of France, intelligent and gracious. Eager for peace between England and France, I navigate the complexities of politics and diplomacy. As a bridge between nations, I seek understanding and harmony in the midst of conflict.


Princess Katherine

I am Princess Katherine, delicate and petite. As the daughter of the King of France, I find myself entangled in political machinations. Despite the language barrier, I possess charm and grace as I navigate the complexities of courtship and alliance. 

Alice (Maid to Princess Katherine)

I am Alice, the maid to Princess Katherine. Playful and nimble, I assist in the language lessons for the princess. With a lighthearted demeanour, I bring a touch of levity to the serious matters of court.



As the Chorus, I am a single character who provides narration and commentary throughout the play. Through poetic verses, I guide the audience through the events and themes, setting the stage for the grandeur of “Henry V.”