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The Characters
Twelfth Night

By William Shakespeare. 

The first recorded performance of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night was on Candlemas, 1602. 


I am Viola, a resilient and determined young woman who embarks on a remarkable journey of self-discovery in the enchanting world of Illyria. Disguised as Cesario, a quick-witted and confident young man, I navigate the intricate dance of mistaken identities and hidden desires. With a slender figure and a fair complexion, my expressive eyes shimmer with determination as I navigate the complexities of love and loyalty, all while concealing my own growing affection.


As Duke Orsino, I am a nobleman consumed by unrequited love, my heart yearning for the captivating Olivia. With a regal bearing, I stand tall, my features exuding both authority and longing. Behind my well-groomed beard and piercing eyes lies a restless soul, perpetually seeking solace and reciprocated affection. Fashionable hair, meticulously styled, adds to my charismatic presence as I navigate the realm of passion and emotions.


I am Olivia, a graceful and introspective lady with an ethereal presence that captivates all who encounter me. With a fair or olive complexion that glows softly, my dark cascading hair falls in gentle waves or curls, framing my delicate features. Intense and striking, my eyes hold the depth of hidden emotions, reflecting both melancholy and a flicker of curiosity. Lost in mourning, I walk through life with a measured grace, my elegant countenance masking the inner turmoil and longing that lie beneath.



Adventurous and resilient, I am Sebastian, the twin brother of Viola, caught in the ebb and flow of fate. With a handsome and athletic frame, my sun-kissed skin glows as I navigate the unfamiliar terrain of Illyria. Tousled golden or chestnut hair adds to my rugged charm, framing a face that holds a mix of confidence and curiosity. Piercing eyes, as blue as the sea, carry the spirit of adventure, while a scar etched upon my cheek whispers of past encounters. Driven by a desire to reunite with my sister and unravel the mysteries of this enchanting land, I embark on a journey filled with discovery and unexpected twists.


My name is Malvolio, a stern and serious steward in Olivia’s household. With a pale or sallow complexion that matches the severity etched on my face, I carry myself with a rigid countenance, reflecting a steadfast commitment to order and decorum. A thin build complements my somber attire, while neat dark hair frames my features. Thin lips and a pointed nose complete the stern visage that often wears a perpetual frown. Behind this austere exterior, however, lies a deep-seated discontent that will soon set in motion unforeseen consequences, challenging the harmony of this vibrant world.


I am Feste, the whimsical and captivating fool of Illyria. With my painted white face adorned with a mischievous smile, I bring forth laughter and joy to all who encounter me. Clad in colorful and motley attire, I am a figure of whimsy and entertainment. My rosy cheeks reflect a perpetual glow of mirth, and my vibrant eyes sparkle with mischief and wisdom. Through jests and songs, I navigate the intricate webs of love and illusion, offering both comic relief and profound insight. With nimble movements and an enchanting voice, I captivate the hearts of those around me, weaving laughter and introspection into the tapestry of this enthralling world.

Sir Toby

Jovial and larger-than-life, I am Sir Toby Belch, Olivia’s uncle, a roguish presence that adds mirth and revelry to any occasion. With a portly figure that exudes hearty laughter and a ruddy complexion, my full unkempt beard adds to my jovial charm. Merry eyes twinkle mischievously, and my wild hair, usually graying or salt-and-pepper, matches the untamed spirit within. Whether raising a tankard of ale or spinning tales of merriment, I embody the joy of life and find delight in stirring up laughter and happiness wherever I go.


I am Maria, a clever and resourceful lady-in-waiting in Olivia’s household. With an air of intelligence and wit, I am a master of intrigue and mischief. My olive or fair complexion hints at the secrets I hold, while my vibrant eyes sparkle with a mischievous gleam. Dark cascading curls frame my expressive features, reflecting the quickness of my mind and the depths of my cunning. From behind the scenes, I weave intricate plans and amusing deceptions, adding a touch of excitement and intrigue to the unfolding drama. With a confident stride and a glimmer of mischief in my eyes, I dance through the labyrinth of hidden desires and secret schemes, always one step ahead in the game of wit and manipulation..

Sir Andrew Aguecheek

I am Sir Andrew Aguecheek, a hapless and easily influenced knight, forever caught in the whims of those around me. With a tall and somewhat lanky frame, I often appear nervous and uncertain in my movements. Fair or light-toned skin gives me a somewhat pale complexion, reflecting my hesitant nature. My hair, of varying shades, is styled in a way that reflects my feeble attempts at fashion, though it often ends up slightly disheveled. Wide, somewhat fearful eyes dart nervously, betraying my anxious disposition. Yet, beneath my nervous exterior lies a heart full of longing, forever hopeful for adventure and the chance to win the affections of others. With each stumble and fumble, I unwittingly add a touch of endearing comedy to the tapestry of this vibrant world.


I am Antonio, a loyal and steadfast sea captain with a weathered and rugged appearance. Tanned or sun-kissed skin speaks of my life spent at sea, while a scruffy beard or a five o’clock shadow adorns my strong jawline. Unkempt hair, bearing the marks of wind and adventure, adds to my rugged charm. My eyes, as piercing as the depths of the ocean, hold a mix of determination and weariness, reflecting the battles fought and the sacrifices made. Whether it is navigating treacherous waters or risking everything for my dear friend Sebastian, my loyalty and unwavering devotion guide me on this tumultuous journey. Despite the hardships I have faced, a spark of resilience and an indomitable spirit burn within, driving me forward through the waves of destiny.

Valentine, Curio, Gentlemen attending on the Duke

Gentlemen attending on the Duke: We are the loyal and trusted gentlemen attending on Duke Orsino. As a group, we serve as his entourage, ready to carry out his commands and provide support. Our distinguished appearances and attentive demeanor reflect our dedication to the Duke and his cause. Whether engaging in discussions or participating in courtly events, we represent the Duke’s interests with unwavering loyalty and respect. With precision and efficiency, we execute our duties, maintaining a sense of unity and camaraderie within the Duke’s court.

Lords, Priests, Sailors, Officers, Musicians, and other Attendants

The esteemed Lords exude authority and grace, representing the nobility with their refined manners. Priests bring spiritual guidance, donning sacred vestments that infuse the realm with a sense of sanctity. Rugged Sailors embody adventure and tales of distant lands, their sun-bronzed skin reflecting the perils of the sea. Officers, in uniforms, maintain order and discipline, upholding the laws of the land. Musicians, gifted with the power of melody, stir emotions with harmonies that capture joy, sorrow, and everything in between. Other Attendants, in their diverse roles, contribute to the dynamics, ensuring the rich tapestry of Illyrian society is represented.