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Shakespeare Unscripted

Step into a world where Shakespeare’s timeless wisdom is reflected through the unique lenses of some unconventional figures!  This intriguing collection brings together diverse perspectives, each interpreting and communicating Bard’s thoughts uniquely.

From the direct, unfiltered dialogue of Donald Trump to the transformative perspectives of a transgender advocate, the lyrical expressions of global sensation Bad Bunny, or the rock-n-roll spirit of Elvis Presley, each conversation uncovers a new layer of Shakespeare’s timeless genius. These unique figures do not simply recite Shakespeare; they interpret, reshape, and animate his words in a way that resonates with today’s world.

The dialogues aren’t just imaginative; they’re grounded in the realities and experiences of these unusual figures (and one object), creating a tapestry of perspectives that paint a vibrant picture of Shakespeare’s enduring influence. His insights, reframed and revoiced, highlight the universality of his wisdom, capable of resonating with the most unexpected of minds.

It’s an exploration of Shakespeare’s work as seen by others, a tribute to Bard’s enduring relevance, and a celebration of the extraordinary lenses through which we can view his timeless wisdom. Experience the joy of seeing the familiar through a fresh lens, and discover the unconventional sides of Shakespeare you never knew existed.

Shakesqueer Chats

TransBard celebrates tolerance, understanding, and humanity’s ability to transcend limitations.

In the vast tapestry of human experience, the works of William Shakespeare stand as timeless reflections of the human condition. Amidst the themes of love, power, and identity that permeate his plays, there exists a rich potential for exploration and interpretation through a transgender lens. By delving into Shakespeare’s characters, their struggles, and their triumphs, we uncover a world that echoes the complexities of gender and the fluidity of identity. 

Trumpeting the Bard

Shakespeare, oh boy, where do I even begin? His plays, they’re like a never-ending loop of confusion and melodrama. It’s like he’s trying to make everything as complicated as possible just to show off how clever he thinks he is.

His characters they’re like a bunch of overgrown toddlers throwing tantrums left and right. I mean, seriously, can’t they just handle their problems like adults? But no, they have to go on and on with soliloquies and monologues, making everything sound so profound when it’s just a bunch of hot air.

Bad Bunny

“Yo, it’s Bad Bunny. Let’s take a moment to talk about a guy who was dropping verses before any of us – William Shakespeare. This man didn’t just write plays, he wrote the human experience – love, hate, joy, sorrow, he captured it all. From Verona’s star-crossed lovers to the ambitious Scots with blood on their hands, his characters live and breathe in his words, which resonate centuries later. So, don’t dismiss Shakespeare as just old English stuff. Dive deep, find your own story in his lines, and you’ll see he’s still relevant, still fresh. Remember, ‘ser o no ser, esa es la pregunta.’ Let’s explore together.”


Thank ya, thank ya very much. Are you ready to take a break from my blue suede shoes and rock ‘n’ roll to time-travel back to the world of the great bard himself – William Shakespeare. Now this fella was a real hound dog with a quill, shaking up hearts and minds with his soulful tales of love, power, tragedy and comedy.

His words? They’re the original hit records. From two young lovebirds caught in a feud in fair Verona to a power-hungry couple seeing daggers in their dreams, his stories don’t just walk the line, they dance on it. 

Lawn Mower

Transforming Meadows into Well-Trimmed Verses

Have you ever thought about the unlikely pairing of Shakespeare and a humble lawn mower? You may wonder why these two things are being compared, but why not?

We delve into Shakespeare’s plays, covering themes like family conflicts, power struggles, and love, some in iambic pentameter. We also ponder if Romeo and Juliet could have resolved their issues at a garden party.

Oggy, oggy, oggy.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Shakespearean plays, with a uniquely Welsh twist. Discover how the lyrical cadence of the Welsh language brings new life to the Bard’s masterpieces, making them come alive with vivid imagery and emotions.

Whether you’re a seasoned Shakespearean scholar or new to the world of iambic pentameter, this extraordinary teaching approach promises to captivate and engage, leaving you with a deeper connection to the timeless stories that have shaped the literary landscape.


Come hang out with the charming Miss Piggy, your favourite Muppet, as she leisurely strolls through the lovely garden of Shakespeare’s works.

Watch her bring to life the Bard’s stories, her delightful personality adding a sprinkle of fun to each tale. With her unique touch, even the profound tales feel like friendly chats over a cup of tea. Whether it’s laughing at the comedies or sharing a gentle sigh at the tragedies, with Miss Piggy, it’s always relaxed, always enjoyable. So, sit back and unwind, as we explore Shakespeare, the Miss Piggy way.

Midfield Night's Dream

Roll into the beautiful game of soccer with your host, a spirited soccer ball, as it draws charming parallels with the drama-filled world of Shakespeare. Witness how the highs and lows on the soccer pitch mimic the captivating plots of Bard’s works, turning every goal, tackle, and penalty into a scene from a play. From the teamwork of “Henry V” to the deceptive strategies of “Macbeth,” find them all reflected in the game.

Kick back, relax, and enjoy the journey, as we weave together the magic of soccer and Shakespeare in a truly unique way.

Safe!? Shakespeare?!

You have a deeply traditional and cautious approach, especially when it comes to the content consumed by young minds between the ages of 11 and 16. With a vigilant eye and a nurturing spirit, you are keen to shield them from potentially objectionable material. In this endeavour, you’ve committed to meticulously revising certain passages of Shakespearean text, ensuring they align with a more safeguarded and age-appropriate perspective.



Taking a closer look at Shakespeare’s literary works from a religious viewpoint can provide us with a significant understanding of exploring the human psyche. This approach can uncover profound revelations about the themes of love, authority, and the overall human experience that are relevant to individuals of all beliefs and generations.

In “Shakespeare Unscripted”, we see the power of dialogue to transcend boundaries, engage with the unconventional, and unearth the hidden similarities that bind us all. It is a tribute to the enduring relevance of Shakespeare, as well as a celebration of the diverse, quirky, and unusual characters that make our world so rich and fascinating.